How To Kill Someone Without Getting Caught in Red Dot

There are times when someone or people have wronged you and you want him/her or them dead.

You know that killing someone with your own hands will get you Death Sentence.

So, how can you kill someone without getting caught?

Some ideas:

1) Engage a Killer.
You never get to find any Professional Killers in Red Dot. If you ever can find, you may not have the money to engage them.

Why almost all people in Red Dot ever take up Killing for a living? Because the thought of having to die, just in case being caught, stop them from picking up this profession.

Well, You still have chance. There are people who not afraid to die and not afraid of being hanged if they kill someone. Who are these people?

There are these group of people... who are terminally ill but yet still physically strong and fit. You can easily engage these group who got AIDs or Cancer etc. They are not afraid to kill anyone because they are going to die anyway.

However, you need to have money to pay them to do the killing. At least, when they die due to their terminal illness or hanged if they are caught ( anyway , they are going to die) , they will have few hundred thousands or million over dollars paid by you from the killing of someone to feed their families even when they are gone.

If you don't have money, don't bother engaging one.

Don't forget, if the killer you engaged are caught and he might also leak out your identity to the Police , you will be dead too.

2) Killing someone and make it look like an accident or suicide.
A lot of planning have to be done before hand. You may like to dig out more information from the internet on how it can be done. But why dirty your hands or someone else's hand? Don't you ever heard of Forensic Science?

3) Black Magic - the best of the best method and untraceable.

You don't need to dirty your own hand or engage any human beings to do the killing for you. Engage a Black Magic Master and is much cheaper than engaging a Killer.

The Black Magic Master or GONG TAO Master / Bomoh Ilmu Hitam can cast a spell from a long distance and you can choose to let your enemy die a slow death from unknown illness and no amount of Western conventional medicine can save him or die by committing suicide or die by accident.

1) Black Magic to cause SLOW TORTURE TO DEATH MEHTOD
i) Mental Illiness
ii) Bodily Pains with unknown causes.

Example of Mental Torture:

2)Popular ways of Black Magic to cause Death by Committing Suicide
i)Hanging himself
ii)Jumping off a building
iii)Walking to a River , Sea and drown himself
These ways are mind control from spiritual forces. Their whole mind gone blank and when you shout at them or call their names, they can't hear you.

3)Black Magic to cause Death by Accident
Spirits or Ghosts control the mind of the targets. The victims not knowing that there is vehicle coming towards him and he carries on walking.

When the victims' family members or related to them report to police that someone or you have engaged a Black Magic Master to cause the death of the victim, the law or police in RED DOT can't do anything because to them - BLACK MAGIC IS CRAP and cannot use it to charge against you.

There are times when Black Magic won't work. And that is if your enemy is a Spiritual Master himself or carry along powerful Amulets or Talismans to protect him. These hard to hex folks are also usually Thai Buddhist Followers who carry Amulets or tatooed with Sakyants on their bodies and Taoist Followers who carry Powerful Talismans. In this case, you may have to dirty your hands or dirty someone's hands to get the job done.

As more and more people think Black Magic is Crap, the success rate of applying it will increase.

Lastly, don't forget there is such thing call Karma or Retribution.


  1. How would one meet someone knowledgeable in black magic?

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